Saturday, September 15, 2012

Free Adam & Eve Craft, Clip Art, and Activity from Charlotte's Clips

For the Bible story of Adam and Eve we made these two crafts.

Free Template for Snake / Serpent

1. Print on Card stock, as it is less likely to tear.
2.  Students color and cut out
3.  Add wiggle eyes and red forked tongue

Apple Core:

Click here to get Free Templates

1. Top and Bottom
2.  Core template
3.  Leaves for top
Cut out, assemble, and draw on seeds

Activity Two:
I also use two apples to make the concept of sin concrete.

.1. I bite one side of an apple for Eve and the other side for Adam.
2. I show how bright and white the apple is inside
and when we sin we don't realize at first how it changes us on the inside.
It changes our relationship with God and each other.
3.  Within a few minutes the apple starts to turn brownish

4.  After several days, we explore the difference between 
the apple with no bite and the apple with two bites.  

As we look at the apple with bites, I play the song "Sin is such a Yucky Thing" by Quigley James

Click Here to preview the song at Amazon

Free Clip Art from TPT store
Check out complete set at TPT
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  1. Oh my goodness this is so adorable. We just read about Adam and Eve in our children's Bible. I will definitely be doing this this week!! Thank you for sharing :)

    Lauren C

  2. Very cute! Great to tie in with Johnny Appleseed coming up too!
    Fun in K/1


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