Thursday, March 14, 2013

Illustrate, Create and Generate

My kindergartners love 
making leprechaun traps!!!!

I start by reading them the story the Night before St. Patrick's Day.  It has fun illustration and imaginative rhymes.  This gets them really excited. We also read Tom and the Clever Leprechaun.

But before we create, I have them illustrate their plans for a trap.


Free Leprechaun Report from Charlotte's Clips


We watch some short clips about simple machines 
such as incline plans and ramps.
Then the fun begins with creating the trap from cereal boxes that have been painted gold.  While this step is happening....the room really does look like a Leprechaun has "trashed" the room.  

But the story telling and creative energy is very much alive!!!!

Science connection: Take notice of the ramps or simple machines in each project.


After the traps have been set up, I video each student describing how their trap will catch a leprechaun. 
Later we write about their traps.
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