Sunday, February 3, 2013

Need Help Getting Students to Cleanup? Freebie

Well it is winter in Missouri, which means more indoor recesses.

As the classroom got messier and the time to cleanup took longer,
 I came up with this solution.  So far it is working:)

1. I took pictures of the different toys that needed to be put away.
2. I added the images to a business card template.
3. Printed the page and cut out cards.
4. Put the cards in name tag holders. 
5. Each child receives a job badge attached to their shirt collar.  
6. The child is responsible for picking up the toys on their badge. 
7. Then they can sit back down.

Optional Directions:

The pictures could be laminated with a clothes pin taped to it. 

Here are two freebies, if you want to try this out. 
Each pdf file contains 8 pictures.

Click Picture for Free Clean up Badges #1
Click on Picture for Free Clean up Badges #2

I would love to hear if this works for you.  Just leave a comment:)

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