Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Show Us Some Bloglovin Giveaways

Collaborative Cuties
Say Good Bye to Google Reader and Hello to Bloglovin!!! 

You can still continue to follow your blogs in just a few easy steps.

I would like to recommend Tori's Teacher Tips for some easy step 
by step directions on how to make and manage the switch.  

Once you have opened and transferred your account to Bloglovin, 
be sure to check out 
this great Bloglovin Giveaway that was setup by

Each of the blogs below are hosting their own 
Bloglovin Giveaways! 

So this is your chance to continue reading all your great blogs, find some new ones, and perhaps win a prize.
These are all good reason to make the switch today!!! 

Follow on Bloglovin
Google Reader Shuts down on July 1st.

To make it easy to leave a comment about the clip art that you like at my store, just check out the
 TPT widget on the right side of this blog. 


  1. I would like to win the Earth Day clipart!

  2. Hi Desiree,

    The Giveaway starts today!


  3. I would like the animal hats, kids and snowballs.

  4. I like your dragon clip art.

  5. I want the Superhero clipart, hands down!


  6. Oh my word...I just love your new knights, dragons and castles! They are so adorable!


  7. pizza &school clip art.

  8. I like the Christian clipart for Holy Week

  9. I would love to win one of the community helper or building sets.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury

  10. I would love the Short Vowel Value Clipart Bundle: short a, e, i, o, and u. Thank you!!

    Melissa Mize
    Creations by Mrs. Mouse

  11. OH wow! You have great clip art! I like the music or the graduation or the sand pails or the shape characters. I guess if I win, I'll have to narrow it down to one, so for now, I'll just put all those! :)

  12. I love all of your clips, but especially like the new transportation clips!


  13. Cheryl,

    The graduation, sand pails, and shape characters are already free. Just got to my store and download them.


    1. Thank you for telling me. I must pay better attention when I am looking at these things. I blame it on lack of sleep and the fact that I am looking at these blogs in the wee hours of the night while I nurse my one month old. I looked at your tpt store and you have some great resources. I will definitely have to check them all out! So since I still hope to win, I want to amend my comment to now say I would hope to win the knights and castles clip art. Our school's mascot is the knight so that would be awesome to win! Thank you for informing me that I was hoping to win free resources. We ALL win with those!!! :)

  14. Thank you for telling. I must pay better attention when I look at these things. Blame it on lack of sleep due to my newly born one month old and the fact that I've been looking at these blogs

  15. I love your sets of borders!

  16. I would love to win any of the short vowel clipart packets! :)


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