Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Organized

1.Get more stuff organized so students can access it without my assistance.
I have lots of stuff, so I am weeding out, giving away, and finding new ways to put things away. I just got home from Target where I spent $200. Okay not all of it was for organizing. But I did buy ahead on a couple of items that I don't want to run out of like makeup:)

 2. To give back by helping the teachers on my floor. 
My best friend and aide for five years is moving across the hall with her own class of 4 year olds. Also, I have a brand new teacher moving in next door to teach kindergarten with me. It will be an adventure for sure.

The top picture was last year's attempt at getting my word work cards organized.  It was okay, but not very sturdy.  Also, I still had lots of card sets without a home.
 This year I purchased a bunch of clear pencil cases for binders.  Can you see the difference?

Clutter-Free Classroom


  1. If you have time stop by my blog and join my "Classroom Tours Linky Party"! I would love to see your classroom!! If you aren't ready just quite yet, share a before pic and then go back and share an after pic! :)


    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  2. Hi, Brigid,

    Still in process of setting up my classroom.


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